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Co-author of No. 1 international bestselling book
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Hi, I’m Jo,

I am a coach, behavioural expert and speaker.

I’m on a mission to help you unlock your full potential as a leader, so you can create empowered teams who love working with you and are 100% committed.

Achieve more. Become the leader you know
is within you and achieve success for all.


Your leadership style is unique. No one is quite like you. Yet the reality is that few leaders invest their time in learning how to leverage this and maximise their impact.

Together we will help you understand how to increase your influence, manage vulnerabilities and lead high performing, highly committed teams. These are critical steps in achieving your goals.

We’ll work to help you:

  • Increase your agility and adaptability to be a future- fit leader
  • Develop self-mastery and increase personal resilience
  • Lead teams through change and challenging situations
  • Master behavioural flexibility to be able to adjust your approach for maximum effectiveness and increase performance in you and others
  • Manage stress levels and develop coping strategies

Earn trust, develop more influence and see the impact
it makes to your personal and professional life

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The High Performing Team Creator

Accelerate your teams
performance by learning
the needs of each individual

The Courageous Leaders Club

Become a courageous leader who is future ready for a rapidly changing world.


I became a professional coach and accredited behavioural profiler after spending 19 years innovating business operations for some of the most awarded advertising agencies in the world.

During this time I witnessed too many leaders falling short and holding their teams back.

Since then I have helped leaders create the change they need in themselves to reach their goals and develop future leaders


I am passionate about bringing my insights, advice and techniques to as many people as possible and thrive doing this on stage.

If you’re looking for a unique perspective, to inspire and engage your company and incite real change, I’d love to support you.